Kodi – The What, Why and How.

Streaming HD content via the internet is now common place for most of us, Netflix and such provide fantastic services but this normally compliments our existing Cable TV package, with Kodi we can completely severe yourself from the cable tie and obtain all of our entertainment needs from the internet via Kodi.

Kodi can run on a dedicated media centre box or on your android phone or tablet, if you own a NAS and are currently streaming to your TV via a games console or such then Kodi is an absolute must! All of your current media collection is immediately playable using your phone or tablet as a remote control.

The What?

Kodi is a home media entertainment application, it enables you to stream content from your Computer, NAS or the internet to your home media centre. there is a vast collection of add ons which enables Kodi to stream from popular services such as Youtube, Soundcloud, TED Talks and much more all from your TV, phone or tablet.

The Why?

Enables your TV, phone or tablet to stream HD content and turns it into a full media centre with all of your personal music, movies & TV shows, Kodi can play most audio and video format so playing and streaming your content shouldn’t be a problem.

Kodi is a solid media centre which is expandable & customisable, various themes are available to really make the interface just right for you, there are even custom touch themes for phones and tablets.

The How?

To obtain Kodi you need a device that it can run on, this could be your android phone or tablet (search Play Store), an existing PC or a dedicated media centre. you can either buy a premium device or you can build your very own media centre using a Raspberry Pi.

The best android tv box running kodi can be found here.

Once set up on your network Kodi can be controlled via a dedicated IR Remote or via various Android / iOS apps such as Kore or Yatse which turn your phone or tablet into a remote controller for Kodi running on your TV. If using Kodi from an android device you can enable the default touch screen focused skin by going to Settings / Appearance from the main menu and selecting the ‘re-Touched’ skin.

If you are looking for a media centre then Kodi is really a perfect choice, whether you want to stream your existing content or want to find something new Kodi can do the job.

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